Words of Encouragement from Happy Patients.

We’re committed to providing quality denture care and services to all of our patients.

For several years now, Fischer Denture Clinic has been delighted, and uplifted by encouraging words from happy clients. It has led us to achieve a level of excellence that our community has come to expect from us. We thank you for that! The kind words and expressions of gratitude are so heart warming and so important to us.

“I can highly recommend Dr. Fischer and his staff to anyone who is requiring denture work. His team is meticulous with their work. My dentures fit perfectly, and I am so happy I went to see him. After 40 years, Dr. Fischer has given back my smile and self-esteem!”

Keith (2019)

“Dr. Fischer, you pulled off a miracle! I hope you brag about it because I love my new dentures. They feel more normal than my natural teeth. The town of Mission is lucky to have you. Thanks a million. I’m singing your praises to everyone.”

Lily L (2020)

“Fischer Denture Clinic made my dentures 7 years ago. They are the best dentures I’ve ever had in 52 years!”

Bill H (80 years old)

“The work Fischer Denture Clinic was able to do has made these the best dentures I’ve had. I am 73 years old and have been wearing dentures since I was 18 that have never fit this well before.”

Dennis M (Aug 2020)

“My new teeth are great! I find myself looking in the mirror quite a bit, and I have not done much of that in many years!! The dedication and time Dr. Fischer put into giving me my new smile has changed my life and how I feel about myself!”


“I love my new teeth. I can now eat raw vegetables and nuts for the first time in years. My bottom lip shows now, and I put on lipstick to do gardening and housework just because I can. I have no problem looking in a mirror. You are an excellent team.”

Cindy H

“Dr. Fischer recently made a partial denture for me. I can’t find the words to describe how thrilled I am with it. It’s a perfect fit. I’m not even aware of it in my mouth, and I can chew with it. Thank you ever so much.”

Sandy B (Aug 2020)

“Thank you so much for my beautiful smile! The dentures are remarkable. Not only can I eat better, but they also aid in my digestion. I notice a huge difference now, and I can’t thank you enough!”

Mary-Anne (Jan 2020)

“I have had dentures since the age of 17. At 74, it has been quite a revelation to bite off and chew food instead of tearing as I did for almost 60 years! The fit and anchorage of these new dentures have given me a whole new world!”

Ed (Dentures on implants, 2020)

“These are the best dentures in the world! Everything lines up perfectly! I can eat anything, even steak, without getting food under my dentures. I receive so many compliments that I forget I’m wearing dentures.”

Robert C (70 years old, 2020)

“I just had my dentures made by Dr. Fischer. I can’t begin to express how happy I am with the suction fit on both the upper and lower dentures. The appearance of them is outstanding. Dr. Fischer is passionate about his work and is truly an artist in his field. He has extraordinary patience and knowledge. He pays close attention to how your mouth moves and works by taking time to measure and impressions. I can’t recommend him and his staff highly enough”.

Ann Androsoff (November 2019)

“I spent two days at Fischer Denture Clinic as part of my professional development for the Dental Technology Sciences program at Vancouver Community College. Dr. Fischer was extremely generous in sharing his knowledge and skills with me. His passion for the Denturist profession was evident in the high level of care and quality reflected in each denture restoration. I observed the compassion Dr. Fischer has for his patients and the drive to create an uncompromised restoration, a rare quality in today’s world!”.

Ken Izumi (VCC 2021)

“Dr. Fischer was my BPS instructor at the Ivoclar Vivadent BPS Course. It was an absolute pleasure to learn from one of the best denturists in Canada. He is involved in continuing education not only with Ivoclar Vivadent but also SEMCD. He possesses excellent clinical and laboratory skills. I would recommend him to everyone who requires dentures.”

Andre Petrov (2019)

“I’m delighted with my new set of upper and lower suction dentures. The lower denture is so tight that no food gets underneath. I’m able to eat green apples, tough steak, you name it! My new dentures are functionally perfect and aesthetically pleasing. I look like I did 15 years ago. My confidence and happiness are restored. Dr. Fischer genuinely cares, taking the time to make sure you are 110% happy with your new dentures.”

Deborah F (Mission)

“These are my first dentures, and they are perfect. Dr. Fischer’s vast professional knowledge and impeccable craftsmanship, his attention to detail, and his dedication to quality made my dentures fit and perform beyond my expectations. The appointments were pleasant, educational, and even entertaining. I am very grateful to Dr. Fischer, Darryl, for his splendid lab work and Magna for her emotional support during the toothless days.”

Paul S (2019)

“I lived with a full upper denture for 10 years and a full lower for 5 years, using up a large tube of adhesive every week just to keep them in for meals! My new dentures from Fischer Denture Clinic are like night and day. I no longer need adhesive, and I can eat what I want…even corn on the cob!”

Phil D (Sept 2019)

“I’ve lived for 40 years with dentures that never fit. My gums had receded so much, my entire look had changed. Dr. Fischer made me a new set 3 years ago, and they fixed how I bite and look. Now, I can eat anything. The other day I pulled a sliver out of my finger with these teeth. That’s tight!”

Frank (2019)

“I had a great conversation with a patient today! She is still happy with the dentures we made for her last year. She’s had dentures since the age of 20 and is now in her 70’s. In her own words, “These are the best I’ve ever had, and this is the first time I didn’t need a soft liner!”

Linda L (April 2021, Mission, BC)

“The Fischer Denture Clinic does incredible work. I am impressed with the attention to detail and care about the fit, look, and comfort.”

Sharon D (2020)

“Absolutely wonderful service. Dr. Fischer and the staff are most talented. Thank you so much for making my smile beautiful.”

Patti (2018)

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