Removable Dentures on Implants

Implant-Supported Removable Dentures

A Convenient & Flexible Denture Option

Most denture wearers with dental implants can choose between fixed dentures on implants or removable dentures on implants. Both options provide a secure and dependable attachment for your dentures, however, some patients prefer being able to remove their dentures for regular cleaning.

Additionally, implant overdentures tend to be about half the cost of fixed dentures on implants, so this is another benefit for many patients. 

What are the benefits of removable dentures on implants?

  • Removable dentures on implants typically cost much less, often about half as much as fixed dentures on implants which is appealing for many patients. 
  • Because implant-supported removable dentures can be taken out, most patients find they are easier to clean. 
  • For patients with severe bone loss, removable dentures on implants can provide additional facial support.

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How much do implant-supported dentures cost?

The cost of dental implant surgery depends on how many implants are placed and how involved the procedure is. Additionally, the cost for your dentures will depend on the materials used, how many teeth are on the device, and several other factors.

Does food get stuck under dental implants?

Food particles can occasionally get trapped between the denture base and your natural dental tissues. Your denturist will provide you with helpful tips for preventing this, as well as what to do when it happens.

How many dental implants do I need for the upper jaw?

Most patients require four implants for the upper jaw with removable dentures. In the case of fixed/non-removable dentures, six implants are usually required.