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At Fischer Denture Clinic, we are passionate about making the best-fitting and most natural looking dentures.
BPS Precision Dentures

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We have been providing comprehensive denture care to the people of Mission, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, and the Fraser Valley since 2006. We specialize in BPS Precision Dentures and further advance them with the revolutionary  ‘suction denture’ technique pioneered by Dr. Jiro Abe. These full dentures differ from conventional dentures as they engage more of the oral surface, creating a seal around the denture border to achieve suction for a more secure fit. The meticulous process of crafting these dentures focuses on precise, accurate impressions and oral measurements, which ensures a much more functional prosthesis.

Everyone is unique!  We take extra care to learn what you need and provide the highest level of denture service and treatment options!

Many of our patients travel from across British Columbia to get dentures from our clinic in Mission. Our reputation for thoroughness, care, and ensuring each patient understands their specific needs draws people to us. We use our expertise and resources to empower you with education, so you understand your denture options and feel confident in making the best decision for yourself.

It is important not to compare yourself to other denture wearers. You are unique and deserve customized dentures that fit and look great! Whether you need a complete set of dentures, a repair, or anything in between, you can trust our team to get the job done right. Not only do we offer professional and effective denture services, but we also strive to make every patient feel welcome with friendly and compassionate care.

Our clinic is conveniently located in the Hurd Medical Centre, directly across the street from the Mission Memorial Hospital.

Precision Dentures

Premium Quality,
Total Denture Care, 
Manufactured On-Site

Good-Fitting Dentures Can

  • Dramatically improve your quality of life
  • Give you the confidence to smile again
  • Allow you to once again eat your favourite foods with peace of mind!


Markus Fischer, RD, RDT, PID Denturist

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The Reality About Dentures!

When compared to having all of your natural teeth, a set of dentures is the most limiting treatment option. It also has the lowest functional rehabilitation percentage of just 10%!

10%! That is all the chewing function you keep when you get your first set of dentures. Fast forward 10, 20, or even 50 years and that is often how long it has been since some dentures have been serviced or replaced and chewing function may be down to 5% or less. Most cars are better maintained than most dentures are!

Is it any wonder why so many denture wearers struggle with poorly fitting dentures? What can be done to improve the fit? Is there any hope?

As a denture clinic, we hear these comments from frustrated individuals every day. Before proceeding with any treatment we always spend time explaining why full and partial dentures have limitations. Here are some very important facts that everyone needs to know about dentures

Education Centre

Not just the first in Canada to offer SEMCD, Markus has used this specialized technique every day since 2015. This passion led him to be the first SEMCD trainer to offer courses in Canada since 2017. Markus has expanded his teaching in his local Clinic, off-site Clinics, and Virtually around the globe!

It all starts with the First Impression!



Both Clinical & Technical

Professional Denture Training

Let us help you make a great impression!

Since 2014 Markus has traveled over 120,000 km to learn better ways of making dentures. “Master Impressionist” Instructor, Markus Fischer, RD, RDT, PID has been honing Dr. Abe’s SEMCD (Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture) method and changed his practice to applying this technique exclusively since 2015. He has been training other professionals since 2017.

Premium Quality

We specialize in BPS Precision Dentures, which means we only use the highest premium quality products and processes.

Sooner or later, most people will require a replacement for their natural teeth and will have to decide which denture is appropriate for them.

BPS, the biofunctional prosthetic system, has been especially developed to match the requirements of these patients. In most cases, BPS Precision Dentures provide a life-changing treatment option for patients who require dentures.

BPS affords its users coordinated high quality products, consistent application procedures, and professional teamwork.

Learn more about precision dentures. 

Patient Education

Part of ensuring our patients receive the quality denture care they deserve means providing them with ongoing denture education, instruction, and practice with their prosthesis. We love educating our patients about the best practices for caring and maintaining their dentures, as well as answering any of their questions as they come up. 

In addition to educating his patients, denturist Markus Fischer also works hard to educate himself by staying up to date with all of the latest denture techniques, technologies, and training options. This allows him to offer the best denture care possible and share the insights and knowledge he learns with his patients when they visit his clinic. 

In-House Lab

Fischer Denture Clinic is proud to have its own in-house denture lab. Markus Fischer works in this lab with our dedicated dental technician, Darryl, to fabricate high quality denture prosthesis for our patients.

Quality-oriented people who want to look attractive even as they are growing older require dentures that suit their active lifestyles. Senior citizens take great pride by their aesthetic appearance, appreciate quality and want to enjoy life to the fullest.

With these facilities right on-site, we are able to provide our patients with faster and more effective care. Because our dentures are made in our modern in-house denture laboratory, we are able to control and maintain the quality of work from start to finish.

Working Together

We collaborate with dentists to provide the best denture care.

Dentist Referral

When you refer your dental patients to us, you show that you partner with passionate denture practitioners who care about them as much as you do. Contact us to learn more about referring your dental practice patients to Fischer Denture Clinic. 

From Happy Patients

“Dr. Fischer, you pulled off a miracle! I hope you brag about it because I love my new dentures. They feel more normal than my natural teeth. The town of Mission is lucky to have you. Thanks a million. I’m singing your praises to everyone.”

Lily L (2020)

“I can highly recommend Markus and his staff to anyone who is requiring denture work. His team is meticulous with their work and my dentures fit perfectly. I am so happy I went to see him. After 40 years, this man has given me my smile and self-esteem back!”

Keith (2019)

“These are my first dentures, and they fit and perform beyond my expectations. The appointments were pleasant and educational. I am very grateful to Dr. Fischer, Darryl, for his splendid lab work and Magna for her emotional support during the toothless days.”

Paul S (2019)